How I Lost My Virginity To A Woman Through Sexual Assault (story)

When it comes to rape, some people see it to be absurd only if a man rapes or attempts to rape a woman and don't see anything wrong if it's vice versa. I was in senior high school first year when I went home for second term vacations. My mom is a very caring lady and accepts people to stay in our house for as long as they wanted. 
There was this beautiful lady (let's call her Nana Ama) in her late twenties who had been staying with us for about a year before I went home that vacation. She was plying her trade and very friendly to everyone in the house. One Friday afternoon, I was left alone in the house as everyone had gone out including my parents and siblings who went to the wedding ceremony of a family friend.

I decided to stay home to practice my piano. I was enjoying my keyboard play when I heard a knock on the house main door. I went to open it and it was Nana Ama who had return rather very early. I asked her why and she said there was light out at where she plied her trade and they had announced it will return in the evening and since her trade depended on electricity she had to call it the day. we joked about it and I returned to my room to continue my piano play. After about thirty minutes Nana Ama knocked on my door and when I went to open she asked to join me as she was enjoying the melodies I was churning out from my keyboard.

My heart skipped a bit cause she was looking so hot in a tight straight dress but my consolation was that I was the crife type so I could face no problem resisting any temptations. I allowed her in with a smile. I continued playing my keyboard as she sat on the chair near my bed and appeared to be enjoying the classical songs I was churning out as she was smiling and nodding her head to it. She then requested me to play some Ghanaian so that she could sing along.

I granted her request and we started singing together while I was playing some popular tunes. All this while I was feeling uncomfortable because she was giving me some good views of the entrance to the holy city too. As the playing and singing continued she all of a sudden stood up to sit near me on my bed and requested I give her some few lessons. 

I objected initially with the excuse that it takes time to learn the instrument but she laughed it off that she was willing to spend time on it. I started giving her a basic lesson with 'do re mi ...'. By the time I realized she was not only touching the keyboard but parts of my body too.

As naive and shy as I was, I didn't say anything which gave her the audacity to urge me on. In no due time attention switched from keyboard to me as she started practising on my body and the rest is history. That was how I lost my virginity.

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