List Of TOP 5 GH Hip-Hop Songs Of 2018 So Far, Revealed (check them out)

We are 258 days so far into 2018 with just 107 days to a new year and I must say our Ghanaian music scene has chalked tremendous successes. This year had seen an insurgency of singers bringing a great dynamism to music lovers. 

In this article am basically going to talk about Ghanaian hip-hop (rap music) and list my top 5 favourites so far in the year under review.

Despite the new crop of singers stealing the hearts of many Ghanaian, the rappers are not discouraged and they made sure they churn out some great vibes for lovers of rap music too.

For a song to make it onto my fav playlist it has to pass my checklists below;

1. Content; in as much as I love hardcore raps, I always look out for content so as much as you are giving me the punches you must make sure you're making sense too and not just rhyming on a beat.

2. Punchlines; if it's rap it must have great punchlines that hit me hard as I vibe with it, I don't bow for any weak punchlines in a rap, sorry.

3. Energy and delivery; a good rap must be delivered with rap-energy and timely. A good rapper must have rap charisma and the energy must be felt in the voice as he spits.

Here are my top five Ghanaian hip-hop song so far in 2018 which I can confidently say they pass out clean on my checklist and if you don't have them on your playlist, then you're losing a lot!.
  • Kwesi Arthur - No Title 
  • Kofi Mole Ft. Kwesi Arthur - Mensah
  • Strongman Ft. B4Bonah - Monster
  • Medikal Ft. Kwesi Arthur & Ahtitude - How Much
  • Ko-jo-Cue & Shaker - Unity

So there you have it, these are my fav GH Hip-Hop jams of the year so far and if I had the chance to add one more it will be, Kwesi Slay Ft. Kwesi Arthur - Seven.

Go get them and update your playlist if you've not done so yet. 

List Of TOP 5 GH Hip-Hop Songs Of 2018 So Far, Revealed (check them out) List Of TOP 5 GH Hip-Hop Songs Of 2018 So Far, Revealed (check them out) Reviewed by Elormonline on 9/16/2018 Rating: 5

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