Photos : Bandex Joins Hammer In Selling Bread

Is bread baking business now profitable than music business in Ghana??

Well, after producer Hammer of the Last Two’s successful venture into bread selling with the trending A1 Bread, music and film producer Ahmed Banda ( popularly known as Bandex) seems to have followed suit. 

Cars distributing and selling Bandex branded brand were spotted on the streets of Ghana and when some of the vendors were asked who owned the business, they confirmed it was for Bandex. 

Bandex is also known to own a Korean restaurant with his wife in East Legon, so the food business is not entirely new to him.

So how profitable is the bread business in Ghana? In an interview, Hammer said, “I am making more money by selling [A1] bread more than I do in music.”

Hammer partnered owner of A1 Bread, Godfred Boateng to expand the bread business from Kumasi where it was, to Accra.

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