Sarkodie - The Come Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

I present to you the lyrics of Sarkodie's masterpiece 'The Come Up' rap freestyle.
Written by a die hard Sarknative, GK Raymond at

Watch and follow attentively.


The realest niggers in the game
Of course I pay my dues
Mi yɛ Gangster
Way before music was introduced
97 I was hustling
Thinking what I could do
Mi nanti nanti

Ɛnu moa na me de discover mi crew
Angelo mi ne nu na ɛ’starti wɔ street
Life ti sɛ kush, Black na ɛ’passi mi peace
On the real

Rap su nfasoɔ na mi de tua mi fees
First time aah mi hitti
Yɛ time aah me feature Mugeez ‘Baby’
Mi swag nyinaa 100 Degrees

Industry ni mu ɛdin dodow
Ntse na ɛyaa mi wɔ ne grease
Ma mi nka mafi me Nana REST IN PEACE
Tema boy aah m'abɛ hitti wɔ overseas
Man we made it

Bebia yɛ bɛ duru nu they can't debate it
Sɛ nea mi rappi you believe I'm over ready
Mi nyɛ regular rap
You gotta be sophisticated
Never gon' stop because
I’m Dedicated

Know a lot of niggers dey fake love
I feel the energy every time I wake up
And I lost a couple of day ones
Sesia m'ɛnya fufurɔ
But what the f–k with day one (Haaa!)

Ɛmmrɛ na mi deali with street life
Some low class niggers be looking at me like
You ain't get shit but you looking for cheap hype
But now we made it
Niggers wanna smoke with peace pipe (Wow)

Whiles on The Come Up
Na sika foɔ nba tu kwain ɛkɔ di summer
Sesia ma hitti mi nyɛ ready for your drama
I’m steady checking! making money for my Mama, Yea
Because when the money goes
Will the niggers stay?

Nkrɔ foɔ pii na ɛ'ntumi ntwɛn for rainy days
Men I was really broke
But now I'm getting paid
Mi flow paa but mi punchi biaa
But sometimes i wanna switch it up
But mi nyɛ quick enough

Why should I go commercial
When I can just stay the KING of rap?
Don't wanna give it up
Ɛto da bi aa mi kɔ town aa mi nte mi ndwom wɔ club
I’m a human
But all the same the people show me love
Mi dropi HIGHEST

Nkrɔfoɔ si SARKODIE dey rush
Eno be rush, ebi confidence
I’m ready for the consequence
Maybe some days kuraa mi dropi blues
But they don't depend on how I feel
This is for the real niggers in the game
It's an option if you chase the money and the fame
Wo fan feeli wo aa

Forget obiaa na di wo lane
Cause the music industry go fit drive you insane
Obiaa ne ne deɛ
Obiaa ne kwain aah ɔbɛ fa so
I know it's kind of hard
But mi nua you got to hustle
The easy way is the hardest way

W'adwin ne sɛ hit pɛ na wo hiaa
Nframa mu na wo sii wo castle
Yia na new rappers ne bisa me
I was insecured
I was feeding off my critics
I was never signed
They can't relate to my lyrics
But na mi wɔ gyidie

I can feel it in my spirit
It's been a longtime coming
All this tracks and the boy is still running
All that swag and the boy is still standing
But sɛ mu nte asiɛ aa
Ɛnnie mu nkɔhu mi Nyame
But hwain na ɛkyerɛ mu rap?

Hwain na ebie mu eni aah sesie mu ehu Whatsup?
Hwain na ɛkɔ gye BET san su bɛgye the artiste of the year
Na sɛ ɔnka hon dea nothing dey pop haaa?

Hwain na ɛgye award?
Hwain na ɛde Ghana ndwom kɔ puei abroad?
2018 rapper bɛn kuraa na ɛkuta blogs?
Sɛ yɛ ambɔ mi din aa mu mfa mankenin bɛtɔ mi jaw.

You made me a Star
Nea w'ayɛ a’mami
Mi kasɛ me kan aa
Mehn, all you niggers dey focus on the Glitz and the Glam
But mu nnim attack bebree ɛba mi su anadwo faŋ aah (F–k it)
But the devil is a lie
Mu twi mi sain but my limit be the sky
And I go reign for this Kasahari till I die
Flipping all this money
Put some half a billion on the side

Sh-t is getting real
Silly rappers wanna make some dollar bill
Abotrɛ da makoma muu mi sini Atta Mills
Cause m'ehuu konkonsa nkoaa mu kɔ di akyerɛ Papa bills (Back stabbers)
But it's all about the money wo nka sika sem aa
Wo voice tune kuraa yɛ funny
Use to think, all i need that was a grammy
Until couple years a go when I lost my granny
Ever since I made it to the top
Niggers want hate
I don't really give a f–k
Mu si mu enya key but mi nso m'echangi lock

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