#FearKillsDreams: 'I stand against the notion that fear kills dreams' - Vitoria Lebenee

Actress and photo model Victoria Lebenee has come out to express her disagreement with a new initiative undertaken by some celebrities to educate and empower youths on social media called #FearKillsDreams.

According to her, fear doesn't kill dreams but lack of opportunities, because there are many youths out there taking daring steps and challenges just to realise their dreams but most of them fail because there are no opportunities, so instead of preaching that fear kills dreams opportunities should rather be created for them to realize their dreams. 

Read her full statement below:

"Dedicating this article to some of the young talents in the Creative arts industry and in Ghana as a whole. 

I stand against the notion that fear kills dreams. Yes, it's true that fear is the unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger. Unfortunately, negative thoughts and self-doubt breeds negativity. Inferiority complex, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and a lot more. All these are contributing factors to fear but the question is where are all these being derived from?

There are tons of women out there who are one way or the other frustrated, they have poured out energies to no good, they've tried seeking platforms where they could execute their talents and aspirations but hardly do they get the chance. Frustration out of these canker #SexForJobs #SexForGrades #SexForRoles #SexforEverything. Some authorities who would want sex while they seek platforms to exhibit talents or jobs to better themselves.

I've had series of messages through my media platforms of young ladies and their encounter with men asking for help to bring forth their modeling or acting career and some who are even ready to work with me as helps in my house. Look at some young ladies going all out in a bikini and semi-nude shoots, going out for auditions, meeting with agency casting calls, sleeping in music studios and so forth. Do you ever think they are fearful? Do you think if they were that scared, afraid, they would ever dare to? It's simply because they do not have the right platforms to exhibit, practice and execute their thoughts and capabilities.
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I think it's high time we embraced talents from all angles, appreciate young talents and crafts, accept people the way they are and help in bettering them even if they have flaws and stop focusing on fear, fear has nothing to do with dreams unless there is no hope to live that Dream. 

I am standing in for the youth in this country who have somehow tried their best to pursue their dreams and had no opportunity even when they tried. Let's kill the causes of all dream killers and rather advocate for #dreamkillsfear It is people that kill dreams, not ' fear '
Young generations need genuine help without no strings attached!"

#FearKillsDreams: 'I stand against the notion that fear kills dreams' - Vitoria Lebenee #FearKillsDreams: 'I stand against the notion that fear kills dreams' - Vitoria Lebenee Reviewed by Elormonline on 3/09/2018 Rating: 5

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