"Shatta is not a good example of musicianship, don't follow his trends" - Willi Roi Explains

Ace Ghanaian music producer/inventor/multi-instumentalist Willi Roi, has for the first time, constructively criticized the musicianship of his 'heart' Shatta Wale.

Speaking on showbiz agenda with Sammy Flex on zylofon fm, Mr. Roi has stated point blank that, "Shatta is not a good example of musicianship, don't follow his trends".

According to him, the kind of productions he does is substandard but he  always gets away with it because he is the peoples choice.

So he is warning other producers and musicians to stop copying his style of music and try to produce good songs that portrays Ghana and can cross over to the world.

"This is the guy who seats in his house and play his one chord and two chords, sings freedom, freedom, then it becomes a hit, his case is different, he's the type of guys who always gets away with it beacause he is the peoples choice and all these guys are trying to follow his trend but that is not the way to go"

He said these, during the analysis of Duke D2's song 'something' on the judgement board, which he thinks lacks good production, and also has no element to sell Ghana to the world.

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"We are doing this kind of music and we're talking about Grammys? its about time our producers up their game, this 1, 2 and 3 chords of music can't take us anywhere he could have added something more" he stressed.

DJ Roi, is currently the artise development manager at Zylofon Media, and looking at his experience and depth of knowledge in the music industry i think i agree with him 100%.
The kind of music produced by some of our current crops of artises is not the best, they produce groovy songs which gets the masses dancing for about 2 to 3 months then its gone. Their beats has no Ghanaian identity except for the language, there could be some guitar, zylophone, konka or any of our many traditional intruments played in there to at least give the song some identity and feel.

Now many are complaining about Nigerian music taking over Africa and even crossing over to the world, so most of our artise are now trying to sound like the Nigerians but that is deadly, because since the Nigerians are known for that style of music, ours (Ghanaian's) will be credited to Nigeria.

When ever You listen to Nigerian music productions, there's always a sound of a local traditional instrument being played in it, which gives the sound a different feeling and an identity which Ghanaians woefully lacks.

A good music does not mean one must understand the words in it, music itself is a language. A well produced music can crossover and be played where ever in the world and people will jam to it without understanding a word, you only need a hook.
A very good example of such music is "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi, this is a Latino music but has managed to reach every corner in the world and amazing has become the most viewed song in the history of youtube last year.
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The video of that song is not any high budgeted video but it has broken and set records in less than a year due to its good musicianship, production is on point, its chord progressions will just keep you playing it over and over again.

So for our Ghanaian musics to cross over and become bigger like some of the Nigerian musics, we really need to look at our musicianship, producers and musicians must up their game and try to give our music some identity. It takes alot for a music to cross over but i think the first step is good production.

"Shatta is not a good example of musicianship, don't follow his trends" - Willi Roi Explains "Shatta is not a good example of musicianship, don't follow his trends" - Willi Roi Explains Reviewed by Elormonline on 1/08/2018 Rating: 5

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