Audio: Has Prince Tsegah Confirmed KMJ's Replacement On Day Break Hitz?

Some few weeks ago, fans of “Daybreak Hitz”, Hitz FM’s popular morning show hosted by Kpekpo Maxwell Justice fondly called KMJ, woke up to hear Andy Dosty the regular host of HItz FM’s mid-morning show Music Boxx, hosting the show. 

During the show it was announced that KMJ was severely sick and hospitalized so Andy Dosty was seating in for him.
Two weeks later we saw KMJ’s social media accounts being active with the latter posting pictures of his daily activities which obviously proved he’s now fit to resume as host of “Daybreak Hitz”. Thanks to Arnold Asamoah Baidoo owner of who initially broke the story about a possible “ploy” to replace KMJ with Andy Dosty. Ghana's showbiz hub decided to follow the story with rapt attention.

Until today, there had not been any comments made by management of the station about the story on air. Although Arnold Asamoah Baidoo had initially got reactions from the Programs Manager Mark Okraku-Mante and KMJ himself which was published on entertainmentgh, can emphatically confirm that KMJ’s replacement is under study if it’s not done already.

Listening to
controversial Prince Tsegah (The Don) on Wednesday 1st November’s edition of “You Say Wetin” segment with Amanda Jissih on “Showbiz Filla”, he elaborated on the KMJ-Andy Dosty brouhaha. It is also necessary to note that Prince Tsegah is a regular pundit on the Daybreak Hitz show and an employee of the Multimedia Group, mother company of Hitz 103.5 FM.

During this edition, there were some comments made by Prince Tesgah which caught our attention, “We feel that if we are running a station, in as much as we must consider the listeners we also have to take our decisions if we have to.
But it looks as if, there’s this impression being thrown around that we’re doing something illegal or trying to take KMJ off his bonafide show”.

This gave us the impression that Prince Tsegah might be a management member or is in the know of KMJ’s fate judging from his words. He goes on to say, “Some pundits of the show have said it as well, I was asked my opinion and I said same, that I think Andy is better than KMJ”.

With the stands of Prince Tsegah we believe that it is with no doubt that the decision of taking KMJ off “Daybreak Hitz” and replaced by Andy Dosty is a done deal. 

Below is the full audio of Prince Tsegah’s stands about the KMJ-Andy Dosty brouhaha. The rest is left for you to judge.

By GKE Raymond
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