Add Pigin to the Curriculum and Formalise it - Edem

Following the pigin tweet the president of Ghana HE Akufo Addo tweeted which has gone viral, rapper and boss of VRMG Edem, is calling for pigin to be added to school curriculum and formalised so that people can speak it more comfortably.

Speaking with Arnorld Mensah Elavanyo on Vibes in 5, the rapper opined if pigin is being formalised it will aid in business transactions and also help to bridge communication gaps between Ghana and its neigbouring countries.

"Its awaking call for us that, we don't have to let colonial masters set the standards for how we communicate, because not long ago if you're speaking pigin, it means you're a dropout, so now if the father of the nation is speaking in pigin, then it means that we are moving somewhere, where Africa can become a continent that deals in every engagement in pigin and i think that will be one of the biggest boarders for us to break, where you enter Nigeria and you speak comfortably with everybody, you enter another state you speak comfortably, and i think that will help in business, it will help opening the boarders up to people where you don't have to feel that when you walk from Nigeria to Ghana you have to speak Ga to be able to connect with people, so i don't see a problem, maybe we should find a way and put it into the curriculum and formalise it so that people will speak it confidently. Because when i look back at the president's tweet in pigin and i look at  the number of canes the teachers lash us for  pigin, they have to take it back, they beat us for nothing" he jokingly added.
Watch full interview below:
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