Leaving My first Husband was my biggest Regret in Life - Maame Dokono Explains

Ace Tv personality and actress Grace Omaboe  widely known as Maame Dokono has disclosed that one of her biggest regrets in life was parting ways with her first husband.

Speaking on the Delay show, the actress explains that the colossal part of their break up was her fault, as she didn't understand the essence of marriage by then and also her pride, she allows her popularity and the name "Maame Dokono" to eat so much into her brains and unfortunately the families called it a quit.

"If i knew my last marriage will be like this, i would have stayed with my ex husband. I regret because considering this new marriage, i would have been better off if i stayed with my ex.Family issues broke my marriage and i was boastful too because am "Maame Dokono" , oh Delay, i always tell myself if i had understood marriage like i did now, i wouldn't have left him. That was one of my biggest regrets in life and he knew i have regretted too, we were very close, even when my mother and my brother passed on he was so supportive, i really miss him"

"I did not actually ended the marriage but his family, because they say am too proud, there was a time one of his sisters say to me "Even Queen Elizabeth listens to her husband" which means i made my self like a diva, but that was my life at that time" she added.

Elaborating on how she got into her new relationship, Maame Dokono said, this new man was charming, very handsome, wears designer clothing and lives abroad, so she gave in to marry him  not knowing he is not good.

"So i thought this was the perfect man for me, he lives abroad, he was very handsome, he lives well, he has his Mercedes, his belts, i fell in love with him, the repercussion is disgusting, so i will never make that mistake again, now that am out of all these marriages, i want to seat up and devote my life to help my children and orphans"
The screen diva also, advice the host of the show Delay, to be patient and wait for the perfect man who will love her unconditionally and not any man who will deceive her with his money or handsomeness and most of all she should be humble and do away with Pride.

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