"Beware of People You Keep Around You" Guru Warns as He Survived An attack

Musician and boss of NKZ Music, Guru, has thrown a word of caution to his colleagues and the general public to be very carefully of people they keep close around themselves. This call came after the musician has found out that he has been poisoned by someone among his close associates.

Speaking on the Delay show, the problem hitmaker elaborates that, he was served a food by one of his team members which he ate not knowing it was poisoned spiritually, so after a year he started feeling some abnormalities in his life, like loss of voice during performances, stomach upsets and many abnormal changes but doctors don't seem to know the exact cause of these, and they always tell him there's nothing wrong with him, until he consulted some pastor and spirituall man, lo and behold, he was told that someone is after his life and  by the grace some strange things were removed from his throat and stomach.

"This is what happened, in daily life we have some people around us that we do everything with so if any of them brings food to you, you know that this person thinks about you so you wouldn't think otherwise, in this world people's minds change too, so it really happened, i ate the food unknowingly.

It's like a year when i started seeing some changes, you go on stage then your voice, then u start feeling some funny way in your stomach, am not comfortable, i went for several check ups till the point that doctors got upset with me that there's nothing wrong with, infact things were getting out of hand until a pastor and some family members told me they saw something was wrong with me, the thing is, they want your failure, they want your death, so i took steps and by the grace of God they removed the things from my body" he said.

"I was astonished at the things that were removed from my throat and stomach, its not easy, be very careful about people you keep around your circles" "I know the one who did it but i won't mention his/her name" he added. 

Guru was in the news last week for parting ways with his managment team, this was the main cause of that breakup, someone around him wanted him dead so they broke up.

The Samba singer has promised to share videos of what was removed from his body so stay tuned, once it drops we shall bring it to you.

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